Jim Lincoln

VP - Operations & Supply Chain Strategies

Jim has 20+ years’ experience as a senior executive in consultative and operational roles. He takes a lot of pride in his work and brings the following to the table:

Maintains uncompromising focus on principle-centered leadership, character and integrity, employee development, product & process improvement, high quality standards and bottom-line profit improvement.

Thrives in dynamic and fluid environments while remaining pragmatic and focused.

Senior Lean Mfg / SCM transformation executive with proven success in P&L management of multi-shift and site operations demonstrating year-over-year improvement in quality, cost, delivery, innovation, safety, and profitability.

Strong and decisive business development leader with excellent analytical, coaching, engagement and team-building, and strategic planning skills.

Additionally, below are items that Jim is keen on, and considers to be important:

-Strategic Planning

-Capital Management & Budgeting

-Complex Program / Project Management

-Lean Manufacturing

-Supply Chain Management

-Customer & Technical Services

-Continuous Improvement

-Change Management

-Key Performance Metrics

-Mentoring & Coaching

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