Variety of Business accomplishments

We can assist any size organization. Your company isn’t too large or too small for us to team with you. We have clients who utilize our service on a monthly basis weekly basis and daily basis. Listed below is a small selection of accomplishments varying in large to small monetary impact and company size. 

Procurement, and implementation of both hardware and software

Brought a private defense contract company from $50,000 in annual revenue to over a $1 million in two years through successfully bidding and securing governmental contracts / company is currently exceeding $2 million in annual revenue

Actively involved in helping to direct the company in High Velocity manufacturing which focuses on through put while reducing cycle time and inventory

Developed a telemarketing strategy and provided an in-house professional training program

Responsible for the negotiation, procurement and managing company insurance, 401K, self-insured health care, and all other company benefits resulting in annual savings of over $1.2M

Acted as General Manager of $24 million production plant

Involved in three acquisitions of companies with sales of $13 million to $55 million

Directed the consolidation of Finance, MIS, and Human Resources of three companies with savings of over $1M

Directed product redesign of major product lines to reduce cost while enhancing our product in the market place

Directed a company through Bankruptcy chapter 11

Managed the closing of two plants

Developed Sales program to increase sales in a down market

Directed Cost reductions in order to reduce break-even from $100M to 64m and increase profitability

Successfully set up a Purchasing department for a $115 million dollar company

Negotiated to allow management to buy ownership of one dollar for every fifty cents

Helped start an automated truck wash company by finding investors for the first site and then arranging for a small business loan and bank financing

Involved with banks to structure debt and working capital line,  Also negotiated forbearance agreements

Headed up a negotiation team to bid Ryder dry good vans.  This was a three-day intense bidding process resulting in Grumman being awarded $2.2 million in business

Trained and served on the Executive Committee for Total Quality Process