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Do you need the results an experienced CEO/CFO delivers? Of course, what business doesn’t need a six figure salary executive for both business growth and experience? But who can retain such talent – other than large Corporations? YOU. RJLCI delivers your company a team of business experts at a fraction of the cost the larger consulting firms charge. How do we keep our prices dramatically lower while not skimping on a value added service? We do not have the large fixed overhead cost. 

Why consider using RJL Consulting Inc. as an outsourced Operational Executive / CFO along with RJL’s team for your company? We enjoy what we do and find solutions for our customers in a fast efficient manner. We provide solutions stemming from Ron Legere, an Executive who has over 35 years of successful corporate executive experience along with his team of executives and associates. Ron Legere is a proactive professional who is an expert in team building who also brings not only financial expertise to the decision table but also can deliver game changing results in Operations, HR, Marketing, Production, Sales, Distribution, and IT on a strategic level. RJL consultants include; Brad Jefferson, Jim Lincoln, and Joseph Colenda, III who have another combined 35 plus years of professional experience.

You may say; why do I need a CFO or a team of operational / financial businessmen? I already have a CPA who assists me and my organization with our numbers.  One common misconception is that a CPA can fill the shoes of a CFO and vice versa. The reality is both CPA and CFO have a different skill set.  A CFO has a broad range of experience in financial and non-financial areas. He is more of a visionary / counselor to the CEO while a CPA is more of a historian – tax oriented.  We are confident that in using the RJLCI team your company’s value will increase.  Below is a small sample of what we bring to the table.


Advantages of teaming with RJLCI - experienced financial and operational executives who have held long term corporate executive positions including:  CEO, CFO, and COO at 100 plus million dollar corporations. We believe the initial consultation is a very valuable investment in time for senior management and or owners and is offered on a qualified complimentary basis.

We are selective in who we engage and will not take a contract if we believe RJLCI can not provide lasting value to your company.

You may contact Joseph Colenda, III directly at: 252-902-8967 or by email: